Saturday, January 23, 2016


The Maltese is a small dog with silky hair. When kept long and groomed like it would be for a show dog, the hair hangs flat over its body almost to the ground. Most owners however choose to keep it short and well cut because the long hair can be hard to deal with. They are a very lively and playful dog and they're good at learning tricks. They are very gentle, loving and trustworthy to their owners.  Feeding a Maltese table scraps can give them small dog syndrome. It is when a dog thinks they are superior to their owners and they start having human like behaviors. If they feel like they are the leaders they tend to be more snappy with children and adults. They are very small dogs and they're often less than a foot tall. A male is on average 8-10 inches and a female is 8-9 inches and they only weight 6.5-9 pounds. Malteses are expected to live 15-18 years.

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