Saturday, January 16, 2016

German Shepherd

German shepherds are the most common dog breed in the county. They are very well proportioned and strong. Their head is proportioned with the rest of their body and their foreheads are rounded. Their eyes are dark and almond shaped. They are very hard working dogs and they are very courageous, obedient and easy to train. They are very good household pets because they get very attached to their families. They do not like strangers though because they are very protective and controlling. They are often used as police dogs just because they are so easy to train and so well behaved. They need family members that are not gone for long periods of time because they begin to feel abandoned. They need owners who are calm but firm in a consistent way. They will not respond to harsh discipline or they will become they will become timid and will tend to bite people. The average German shepherd weighs 22-26 pounds and weighs an average of 77-85 pounds. They are expected to live 13 years but as they age, their hips start to go out.

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